Boondocking – Eh?

You’re probably thinking what on earth are they babbling on about?

I also thought this too!

But, as the saying goes; you learn something new every day!

I shared a tweet earlier, to which it was re-shared with some new and improved funky #hashtags, one of which was ‘Boondocking’.

Now, what is Boondocking?

Boondocking is essentially camping in a car, van, motorhome, RV or any other form of transport but for free and without any form of water or electric hook up.

Which is exactly what this blog is about! Amazing right?

It’s a word that appears to have made its way across the Atlantic Ocean and on to UK soil.

So in future, I guess I will be adding #Boondocking to my posts!

When I told my office I had learnt a new word, they all thought I had gone mad! Finally, she’s completely lost the plot – we knew it would have to happen at some point!

Then I was saved. One of the guys in the office told me of a 60’s song he used to know which is titled ‘Down on the Boondocks’

So a Boondock is in the CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH DICTIONARY described as:

‘Any area in the country that is quiet and has few people living in it’

And Boondocking is the act of camping in that location!

Voila! You’re welcome!

Myself and Tom taking part in some Boondocking

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