Abersoch Again! The resuscitation of Betsy and that darn Weever Fish!

This particular weekend, it was Tom’s friends birthday so quite a large group of us all headed back down to Abersoch. However, we didn’t say in the same carpark as last time as there were so many of us and some of us were in tents. Instead, we stayed just a little bit further up the beach on some farm land. I have to say, the views from the farm, which was located at the top of a cliff were absolutely beautiful, especially at sunset. Not too sure about sunrise… we were generally still recovering from hangovers at 6am!

View from Treheli Farm


This particular trip to Abersoch was quite an eventful one…

We went down in Betsy (Pink VW Camper) but first, we had to drive her to work. Half way to work she started juddering and the lights were flashing on and off. Me being me, panicked all the way there and couldn’t wait for Tom to ring my dad to try and diagnose the problem before we got half way to Wales and stuck at the side of the road!

The technical conclusion they came to was ‘It’s rained a bit so it’s probably just a bit of water in the electrics’. I wasn’t particularly convinced but Dad built the engine and he’s the one who knows it best so I wasn’t going to complain.

We set off down to Abersoch, again, the engine started to judder but we kept on going. About an hour in to the trip the engine seemed to be perfectly fine.

We arrived at our spot safe and sound and parked up, setting up the awning too. This was the first time we have used the awning, it added quite a lot of extra space, really handy for storing beers, suitcases and surf boards in. I will definitely use the awning again next time we have half decent weather!

Everyone else started to arrive throughout the evening in dribs and drabs and we set up camp in a bit of a circle to try and create some shelter from any wind – This worked quite well. The boys eyed up the waves and if it was worth getting wet suited up for an hour whilst the girls layered up and dropped hints that we were hungry/thirsty so maybe we should miss the surfing today and just set up fire pits and BBQ’s. We got our way… Whether the boys realised that or not is a different story.

We settled for the evening around the fire pits, all with a drink in hand chatting between ourselves and playing drinking games.

The next part of the fun started on Saturday morning. We decided to drive into Abersoch before going surfing as a few people needed to hire some wetsuits. We all hop into our vehicles and everyone’s starts…. Apart from ours.

Dun Dun Dun…..

Was I surprised? Nope

Was I worried she would never start again? Nope

Was I fretting that I may have to actually walk the 2-3 miles to the beach? YEP!

One of the reasons why I love Hells Mouth so much is because there’s absolutely no phone signal anywhere along the coast so you actually feel like you get a break from the daily routine of life.

However this doesn’t bode well when you’ve got a 1972 VW camper that can only be revived by dad, any normal mechanic would probably love the chance to get to work on her but be too scared to actually touch her!

Anyway, our friend Joel has a Seat Ibiza which was already loaded with surf boards… We then added ours on top.. He seemed pretty happy seeing his car so loaded up with boards!

Once we got to Abersoch we called dad who gave Tom a few ideas to try and few cables to check. His final suggestion was simply turn the key but don’t start the engine, leave it for 30 seconds and then turn the engine on and it should start. We continued about the rest of the day hoping that we had been given our solution.

Now on to the fun stuff. SURFING!

We made it to the beach, all with wetsuits, surf boards and body boards.

Tom, Benn, Joel and a few of the others went running off into the sea. Myself and Emily (Joels Girlfiend) walked in slowly. She was borrowing my surfboard and I had the body board. We messed around in the sea for a while but it seemed Emily was struggling with the board, I reluctantly offered to swap with her. She took the body board and the surfboard took me. We did not get on well. It was in my face, dragging me under, wrapping me up.

Then, all of a sudden, a HUGE wave came and whacked the board at me, I got the fins of the surfboard right in my side, luckily with being cold it didn’t hurt but boy did I have the 3 fin bruises to show it.

After just about getting my breath back, my foot touched the floor of the sea and I felt a sharp spike through my foot. My initial thought was I’ve stood on a dirty needle.. Ewww!!

The pain started to get slightly worse and worse and worse. It felt like a burning sensation. I managed to get myself and the board out of the sea and sat at the waters edge. I cleaned my foot off in the sea and saw a perfect pin punch hole in the bottom of my foot. it had to be either a needle or a piece of wire sticking out. Either way, the burning sensation was continuing to get worse.

I was quite embarrassed as this was the first time I had met some of Toms friends and I did NOT want to be remembered as ‘Oh yeah, I remember her, she’s the girl that cried and limped all weekend’. Luckily, Tom saw me sat by the shore and came in to check I was okay. We kinda sat in silence for a while whilst the pain continued to worsen. We started to hobble back to shore and he carried my board. When we got back to the carpark (As mentioned in my previous Abersoch post which you can read here) A woman from the Tea and Coffee van instantly noticed my symptoms and informed me that I had in fact stood on a Weever fish!

Now Weever fish are nasty little things that bury themselves just under the surface of the water. They have spikes along their head and spine which is what I managed to stand on. Apparently they’re quite common around the UK. I was told to just wait out the pain but if I see any swelling I have to go to the hospital. After an hour or so, the pain did start to subside luckily!


Whilst driving back to the campsite all I could think was.. Even if we did get Betsy started – I may not be able to drive her back tomorrow!

Once back at the campsite, Tom did everything my dad suggested with no luck. We had only one thing left to try, turn the key and wait 30 seconds. Both on edge we waited.. and waited then turned the key. She started with a mighty cough and we got a cheer off everyone! Turns out the poor girl was just a little bit tired after her long drive!

Anyway, what you really want to know, Is where we called home that weekend. This little spot is called Treheli Farm, If you google it, You’ll get more information. He charged us £4 per Tent/Van per night, the site also had toilets which is a bonus! Please see the below exact location.

Address: B4413, Botwnnog, Pwllheli LL53 8

Treheli farm

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