Wales – Abersoch (Hells Mouth- Pwllheli)

I was introduced to this gem by Tom.

It’s nice and simple to find, it’s essentially the main car park at Hells Mouth beach. It’s a square carpark and approximately a 5 minute walk down a straight sandy path from the carpark to the beach.

As far as camp spots go, I do believe this one is quite well known, especially amongst surfers. I highly doubt you will ever be the only van on this carpark, so if you’re looking for privacy this probably isn’t the right place, however if you’re looking for a great beach location to use as a base for surfing or other beach activities then this is the spot.

We arrived quite late on Friday night and managed to bag a corner spot where we could park both of our vans in such a way that created a lot of privacy and great shelter!

There were four of us that came away that weekend. Myself, my friend Shannon, Tom and his friend Joel. It had been a good few years since myself and Shannon had worn our wetsuits so we were both nervous as to whether we would even fit in them anymore. Luckily after about 20 minutes of huffing and puffing we were both in them and looking considerably slimmer… Always a bonus!

Now I’m not much of a surfer, however I can body board which I think is fairly impressive! For anyone interested in the surfing here at Hells Mouth, I have attached a few links which you may find useful!

Also, there are quite a few surf board and wetsuit hire shops in Abersoch town centre itself. Along with a few pubs, bars, restaurants and little shops. Well worth spending a few hours around there.

Anyway, on to the part you actually want to know.. Where exactly is this camp spot?!



Abersoch 2

Mainly for your own amusement, but also to show you how beautiful the beach is, here are some snaps from this weekend away!

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