Keep it simple!

Cars are a fabulous thing – When they’re actually working!

You’ve met the vans, so now you get to meet ‘Big Blue’

Big Blue is my 2010 Renault Clio and my daily run around. I had absolutely no intentions of ever really posting about my normal car until yesterday afternoon when she decided to betray me!

We set off to Manchester Christmas Markets, dreaming of Yorkshire pudding wraps and mulled wine. We had only driven around 100 yards when I had a ‘Brake Fault’ light flash up.

If you have a car – you will know that awful feeling of your heart sinking to your stomach. The ultimate feeling of betrayal. I wouldn’t mind, I actually cleaned her.. yep inside and outside only a week ago! And a full tank of fuel in her! What more could a Clio want?!

We pulled into the petrol station to get a drink and switched the engine off… It would NOT switch back on! Luckily, we weren’t far from home and we were directly opposite a pub.

Tom, knowing me well, directed me straight to the pub for a beer rather than walking across the road to home.

A while later, the AA man arrived. Tom rushed out, almost in excitement at the Yellow VW T6, knowing this poor AA man was in for a good questioning in regards to his opinions of which vans are best.

If you’ve read the post ‘Meet the Vans – The yellow one’ you’ll know, Toms van is an ex AA van. If you haven’t read it, please feel free to do so.

Anyway, he jacked the Clio up and started removing bits from her aiming to get to the starter motor. He managed to get her running and came to the conclusion it was an electrical fault/fuse/lose cable…. PHEW!

We got towed home as even though the engine was running, we couldn’t get the lights to come on!

Tom got very excited as his ex AA van was now showing a current AA van, towing my Clio the way to go. I guess there’s a certain amount of irony in there!

Once Home the AA man discussed his findings with my dad and now it’s up to him to get her running again… so fingers crossed we will be back on the road soon!

However, even though we were missing out on the markets and I was obviously absolutely gutted about my car, myself and Tom couldn’t help but have a giggle about how an electrical fault can stop a car! We started reminiscing on the time that Betsy once broke down on us- I will be talking about this in one of my next blogs but basically, we got her to Abersoch, set up camp and spent the night there. When we came to drive into Abersoch town Betsy wouldn’t even turn over. It was like she had totally given up on us.

As mentioned in my Betsy blog, my dad had rebuilt her from scratch, meaning they’re totally in sync with each other. He suggested a few ideas to try then finally he said… this may sound stupid but try just turning the key so the ignition is on, leave it 30 seconds and then start the engine.

Low and behold she started up first time! Poor girl was just a tad tired!

Now I’m not knocking my Clio, I love it to bits, she gives me great MPG, keeps me warm, drives at a considerable speed, I believe she’s easy to park (being a woman this isn’t my strong point) and all round gets me from A – Z but we had to laugh at how reliable the VW is at over 40 years old because it’s been kept so simple!

I think there’s a small life lesson to take from this, there seems to be a certain amount of beauty within just keeping things simple.

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