Who are we?

Hello and welcome to Little Vanventures blog.

Now, you’re probably wondering who we are and why we decided to start a blog, so here goes…

We are Tom and Emilie, we live in North West Lancashire and we absolutely LOVE exploring! At the moment, this is not something we are doing full time, so this is a blog more dedicated to the weekend explorers, the ones who finish work on a Friday filled with excitement to go and see new places!

There are lots of amazing blogs online telling tales of nomads who are travelling the world from their van full time – They are absolutely amazing blogs to read and without a doubt for us, something to aspire too. I think we can all agree, they make us VERY jealous!

This blog is a little different from theirs, myself and Tom both work fulltime, however we are lucky enough to finish at 12 on Fridays which gives us time to get on our travels straight from work and be at our chosen destination in reasonable time.

We both spend a lot of time trying to find camp spots… but for Vans. Somewhere where we can wake up to beautiful views, have a fire, a few beers and play some music without being asked to move along or without disturbing residential areas. Wild camping is considerably easier in a tent as you can walk to a remote location and set up camp there, camping in a van is a little different, vans can’t quite scramble rocks, climb over walls/styles and set up camp in a sheltered valley…. Well, our vans don’t seem capable as of yet anyway! Vans take space and need a reasonable…well reasonablish road (Dependent upon how much of a daredevil you are and how open minded you feel towards bursting a tyre!) to travel down.

The main ongoing aim of this blog is to share with all of you fellow van fanatics the lovely places we have found to camp which have prime locations, nice views, that are out of the way and easily accessible by van. Also some of the fun things to do around those areas, some on a really cheap budget and some not so cheap!

So whether you’re a full time vanlifer looking for some inspiration or a weekend camper looking for ideas as to where you can escape to for a short while, then please keep your eyes peeled for new updates on this blog!

Thank you for taking the time to read this far!

Please be patient as this ‘blogging’ malarkey is all new to us – but were excited to get to grips with it!

Looking to explore,inspire and advise.

Emilie and Tom


Emilie & Tom

10 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Thumbs up! A new genre of blogging that I have seen! Vans and life, cool! Really love the way that you bring out your posts, they are very well written and the balance between the visuals and the writings are superb. A small footnote, the total number of categories and tags per post must not exceed 15. Really hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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    1. Thank you very much! We haven’t been doing it long and we’re only weekend/holiday van lifers but we’re really enjoying it! It’s so nice to have freedom! We’re hoping to share as many hints, tips and tricks as possible. Along with tried and tested free van spots all over the country. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 😀

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