Meet the Vans – The Yellow One

The Yellow One



So this van belongs to me (Tom) and is currently nameless to an extent… However its quite often referred to as..

“Mellow Yellow”

“Yellow Submarine”

“Little Mr Sunshine”

“Yellow Peril”


Not really sure why it gets these name to be honest… Either way, None of them quite take our fancy so we’re still very much open to suggestions!

The Yellow Van started life as an AA van rescuing the likes of tatty old Bay Windows like Betsy. Okay – Jokes aside, it spent its early years travelling up and down the motorways rescuing damsels in distress being an absolute hero!

Its a 2008 Vauxhall Vivaro, 2ltr TDI 6 speed van. I purchased it in 2012 and it had 80,000 miles on the clock.

I originally got it with the intention of throwing bikes in the back to go mountain biking and racing.

I met a friend at work who introduced me to the van life. The new van life included surfing, camp fires and beers – what was not to like?!


Over the course of the next few years, I converted the ‘Yellow One’ into a camper van. It started with removing the bulk head and then adding windows, insulation and flooring. To begin with I slept on an air bed, added curtains then approximately 18 months ago I fitted a rock and roll bed then a swivel passenger seat to help create room and extra seating. I then fitted a drawer underneath the bed to store the primus stove and cooking utensils. I got my 10 year long service award from work and decided to add Fiamma F35 Pro Awning to the side. Finally, or what I though was finally, I added a leisure battery, bike rack and roof box so I could go to the South of France riding with friends for a week. Just as I thought my camper was pretty much complete for me, Emilie added some fairy lights around the back and over the bed (Girly I know!) but I have to admit they add a certain amount of atmosphere!


Now we’ve been on lots of adventures together, including Austria, South of France and Northern Italy. As well as various places in the UK, which you will see documented in the rest of this blog! Over the 5 years its been a very good van and we’re up to 175,000 miles! However this year we have had a few minor arguments in which my bank balance has come off significantly worse!

I will talk about these slight arguments in a different blog – It still hurts to discuss.

Thank you for reading my brief introduction to ‘The Yellow One”


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